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Every buyer accepts unconditionally the below defined general terms of sale. No particular condition in particular any general condition of purchase Cannot prevail against our general conditions except written and formal dispensation from us. Any opposite clause will be declared to us non-invocable. COMMAND(ORDER): The sale contract will be completed only when we shall have given our acceptance with order or to defect when we shall have delivered or sent the commanded(ordered) goods. Every buyer makes a commitment irrevocably from the command(order). She cannot be cancelled without our consent. If necessary, we reserve us expressly the right(law) to ask for all the guarantees and to suspend, until satisfaction on this point, the execution of any command(order), even if we previously accepted her. When an estimate is established by us, he(it) has, unless he(it) was agreed on it than what(whom) an indicative value. When a definitive estimate, requiring dismantling and reassemblies, will be asked by the customer, he(it) will be charged according to the price lists(rates) of hand of current work. REALIZATION OF THE WORKS: The works will be realized according to the indications appearing on the order form or the estimate. The additional works, not planned with order either on the estimate, essential to the safety(security), to the respect for the standards, or to the proper functioning of the material(equipment), will be made and charged in supplement. The agreement of the customer is considered acquired if the amount except(off) tax of these additional works does not exceed(irritate) 10 % of the amount except(off) tax of the command(order) or the estimate. Failing that, the preliminary agreement of the customer will be asked. The replaced rooms(parts,plays) will be restored, except those in standard exchanges or under guarantee, on condition that the customer made the demand(request) on the order form. DELIVERY : Delivery times are indicative and subject to our ability to supply and transport. Unless otherwise specified, delivery is deemed done in our factories or stores. Overruns delivery can result in damages to withholding or cancellation of orders In progress. Our deliveries are, in any event, delayed in case of force majeure. It is up to the buyer, unless otherwise specified, to ensure the costs and risks of transportation goods sold after the delivery. We do not provide custody not removed by the customer equipment on the agreed date. Beyond 2 clear days after providing the congestion charge will charged on the basis of 8 euros per day. Shipments by post, Chronopost, Colissimo are the responsibility of the recipient. The buyer agrees to take delivery of Products the place and date that we indicate him. In case of deficiency on his part, delivered with all its effects will be deemed to have occurred on that date. GUARANTEE: PARTS AND MATERIALS: The guarantees we give on parts and equipment sold by us are those that are granted to us by our own suppliers. These guarantees are required and available for consultation if necessary. SERVICES : Our services are guaranteed for a period of three months unless expressly agreed. The interventions carried out under warranty can have the effect of extending the duration of this warranty. We ensure, under this warranty, the repair of goods or replacement of the item recognized by us as defective. We can not, under that guarantees be required of any compensation or damages, including under of capital equipment. shipping costs shall be borne by the buyer who will bear the burden of risk and ensure the proper cargo insurance, including during storage in our services. This warranty only applies in the maintenance conditions and normal use. Are excluded from the warranty damage due to shock, to faults of use, or procedure that our services. PROPERTY: The seller retains ownership of the goods until payment of the full price in principal and accessories. Non-payment of any deadlines may result in claims of property. These provisions do not prevent the transfer to the buyer upon delivery of the risks of loss and deterioration of goods sold and the damage it may cause. The buyer will purchase insurance covering risks born after the date of issue goods. PRICE-PAYMENT-PENALTIES: Prices excluding taxes, borne on rates, circulars, catalogs, advertising or other documents are indicative and not contractual. The price shall be that in force the day of the order. All prices excluding taxes are for our goods, including customs duties, T.V.A, port and packaging included. Our invoices are payable Cash. For business customers with annual regular case without payment incident, we accept to open accounts for payment thirty days end of month of delivery. The bill is payable at the place of issue. COMPLAINTS Out of warranty, any claim by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within eight days of the delivery will be considered. No goods or standard trade returns will be accepted without our prior agreement within one month. Returned goods must be shipped to our prepaid address accompanied by the delivery note or number. REVIEW OF CONTRACT Any knowledge of a material change in the economic or financial situation of the buyer, even after partial exclusion orders may result revising the conditions of implementation thereof, as well as global credit conditions granted to the buyer. We also reserve the right to require, asset time settlement guarantees our bills. JURISDICTION In case of dispute only the Court of Quimper is competent.
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